Post-graduation work permit

You may be able to live and work in Canada after you graduate from your program of study


Students who complete their programs at ܼŲͼ might be able to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Applicants can receive only one post-graduation work permit in their lifetime.

You must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible to apply for the PGWP (refer to Eligibility criteria on the official website of the).

  • Must have completed a study program that was
    • at least 8 months long and
    • that led to a degree, diploma or certificate (ESL and/or Academic Upgrading is not eligible)
  • Must have maintained full-time study load in every semester (excluding scheduled breaks). There are exceptions for
    • Final academic semester. You can find details about taking part-time studies in your final academic semesteron the official website of the)
    • Authorized Leave of Absence: If you took an authorized leave of absence during studies, then it should be less than 150 days. We would also recommend speaking to one of the advisors at ܼŲͼ International before submitting your application. For more information about authorized leave of absence, please visit .
  • Must apply for work permit within 180 days of receiving written confirmation from ܼŲͼ that you have completed your program. This written confirmation of completion of studies could be in the form of email, final transcript, graduation letter or certificate/diploma.
  • If you are applying from within Canada, then you must have a valid study permit OR visitor status at the time of application.

Suggestion: “Start preparing during your final semester!”

Validity of Study Permit

It is important to note that your study permit becomes invalid 90 days after completion of your studies or the day on which it expires, whichever comes first.

Here is an example to clarify this:
Ali is a student studying in the Diploma in Business Administration program. His study permit expiry date is August 31, 2023. However, he finishes his studies in December 2022 and receives his Letter of Completion on January 10, 2023. Now his study permit is only valid for 90 days and will become invalid on April 9, 2023.

dzٱ:“Your study permit becomes invalid 90 days after completion of your studies!”

Validity of Passport

Make sure that your passport is valid for the entire length of time your PGWP would be issued for.

For example, if your PGWP could be issued for three years then your passport should be valid for the same amount of time. Otherwise, your PWGP will be valid only until your passport expires.

If this happens, IRCC may advise you to extend your passport in order to obtain the full validity of the PGWP. If they do, you'll have to ask for a PGWP extension on paper.

When Should You Apply for PGWP?

Because you may only apply for PGWP once, we strongly advise you to think about your current situation and future goals before applying.

Think about factors such as your desire to pursue further studies in Canada. If yes, then you might want to explore more details and set out your goals to understand when it would be most beneficial to get PGWP.

If you are planning to apply for PGWP right after completing your studies at ܼŲͼ and want to stay in Canada while the application is processed, then it would be recommended to apply for it while your study permit is valid.

If you don't apply for PGWP while your study permit is still valid, change your status to Visitor or leave Canada.”

Assembling Documents for the PGWP Application

Once you have officially completed your program and have following required documents, you can apply for PGWP:

  1. Letter of Completion

This ܼŲͼ letter is also called a Completion of Studies letter. It is not issued with your ܼŲͼ credential, and you must request for it separately. To obtain your Letter of Completion, please follow the processes mentioned below:

STEP 1: Please submit your Application to Graduatebefore the published deadline during the final semester of your program.

STEP 2: Apply for your Letter of Completion as soon as you complete previous step. Fill out the online . When submitting the request, choose "Other Letter" from the letter options and explain in the description box that you are in your final semester and need this letter to apply for PGWP.

Your Letter of Completion will be emailed to you after your final grades are announced, but you must apply for it in advance to avoid any delay.

  1. Official Transcript

An official transcript is required for the PGWP application. Once you see all of your grades on your unofficial transcript,orderyour transcript via . Please sign in to your Student Account, you will find the link for Official Transcript Request under the Academics dropdown menu on the left.

Important:Transcripts are produced based on your academic record at the time of ordering. It is your responsibility to view your Unofficial Transcript first, and ensure that all courses, grades and/or credentials are listedbeforeordering official transcripts.

Other Supporting Documents for PGWP

  • Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker ()
  • Scanned copy of your Passport
  • Digital Photo (if requested)
  • Proof of Upfront Medical Examination (if requested)
  • To support your application, write a statement of purpose or a letter of support. (Strongly suggested. This letter is not required in the application portal, but it could be uploaded as additional information.)

Please note that the above-mentioned documents are just a guideline for the PGWP online applications. The document checklist is generated based on the information you provide while filling the application. IRCC might require additional documents based on the information you provided. Please visit for further information about the process.

Travelling While Your PGWP Application is in Process

You can leave Canada and re-enter while your PGWP application is in process. You do not need a valid study permit, but you must have a valid TRV or eTA for entry.

You could also apply for PGWP outside of Canada and could come back to Canada to work while your application is in process, however, you must have applied for PGWP while your study permit was valid. You should also have a valid TRV or eTA for entry.

The border officer will ask you some questions when you arrive back to Canada. They may also ask for proof that you applied for PGWP such as a copy of application or fee payment receipt.

It is important to note that permission to re-enter Canada depends on the discretion of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer and it is possible that you might not be allowed to re-enter.

When can you start working after submitting your application for the PGWP?

If You Applied While Your Study Permit is Valid: You can work full-time while your PGWP application is in process.

If You Applied After Your Study Permit Has Expired: You are not permitted to work until your PGWP application is processed and issued.

After PGWP is issued

Here is What You Need to Do When PGWP is Issued:

  • Apply for a new Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or eTA. This is also called the Entry Visa as it allows you to enter Canada. If the TRV or eTA that was issued to you as a student is valid, you can use it as well. However, make sure that you get it renewed before it expires.
  • Apply to extend your . You can find more information on the website.
  • Apply to extend your. You can find more information on the website.

If you have questions

Questions and Answers about post-graduation work permit

Please read these questions and answers for more details.

Immigration Advice: Do you Have Immigration Questions?

If you have general immigration related questions as a current or graduating ܼŲͼ student, please feel free to contact one of our International Student Experience Advisors at ܼŲͼ International. We recommend booking an appointment by sending us an email.

When emailing us, please include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • ܼŲͼ Student ID Number
  • Your citizenship(s)
  • Study permit and entry visa/eTA expiry date (if applicable)
  • Your question(s)

Please note: In accordance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations, the information in this document has been reviewed and approved by Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs). However, this is not an official document and information may change without notification. Please make sure to refer to for the most up-to-date information.