Elections for positions on both ܼŲͼ's Board of Governors and Education Council (EdCo) are managed through the Registrar's Office.

    Election Rules, Candidate Guidelines and Nomination Forms

    Download the College Election Rulesand Candidate Guidelines

    Board of Governors

    Being on the Board of Governors is a way to have a voice in the affairs of the institution and establishing the policies that guide the activity of the College. The board focuses on policy and strategic leadership.

    2024 Spring Election Results

    • Students:2seats with a term of August 1, 2024- July 31, 2025
      • Acclaimed:Prince Solanki and Sean Leyland

    Education Council

    If you have an interest in educational policy, standards, and curriculum, serving on ܼŲͼ'sEducation Council(EdCo) is a great way to make a difference. Visit theJoin EdCopage for more information about serving on the Education Council.

    Note: The mandates that the rules for election of members to the Education Council must reflect the distribution of programs and provide for representation of program and education support areas.

    To meet this mandate and ensure equity and fairness in representation, the composition of available seats for Education Council is determined at the start of each election cycle prior to the start of the nomination period.

    The existing composition and student enrolment numbers will generally be the principle factors used in determining composition from faculties; at times, other decision factors may include feedback from representative group leadership, the number of instructors per faculty/area, historical representation, and the College’s strategic priorities.

    When there is more than one candidate for one seat but no nominations in another, the seat will be assigned to minimize vacancies and maximize the number of faculty representatives on Education Council.

    2024 Spring ElectionResults

    • Students: 4seats with a term of August1, 2024- July 31, 2025
      • Acclaimed:Purav Yashpal Solanki; threeseats remain vacant until the 2024Spring by-election.
    • Faculty:3seats with a term of August1, 2024- July 31, 2026.
      • Elected:Blair Fisher, Courtney Neidig, and Michel Liu.

    More Information

    For more information about Board of Governors and Education Council elections, contact the Office of the Registrarelections@camosun.ca

    Find information about elected positions to the ܼŲͼ Student Society on the.