Registration Policies for Students

Student Responsibility

It is each student’s sole responsibility to ensure their registration status is correct by reviewing their timetable to confirm that registration activity was successful.

Studentsmust also:

  • ensure they meet the prerequisite requirements for courses theywish to take;
  • ensure that the selected courses are appropriate to their final goal (whether graduation or transfer);
  • ensure all fees are paid by thepublished deadlines;
  • ensure they drop from courses theyare no longer interested in taking as soon as possible, and by published deadlines; and,
  • ensure that theircurrent mailing and email address and phone numbers are on file at all times.

In addition:

  • Students who do not pay their balance owing by the fee deadline may be de-registered for non-payment.
  • Students who do not attend classes at the start of the term may be de-registered for nonattendance.
  • Students who do not officiallydropprior to theadd and drop deadlineswill be required to pay all outstanding fees.
  • Students with outstanding fees after the fee deadlinewill receive no further service until the fees are paid.
  • Students who do not officiallywithdrawprior to the withdrawdeadlineswill receive the grade earned.
  • Students who require advice or additional information regarding their programs during registration should consultAcademic Advising.


Attendance requirements are set by the program/school and outlined within course section syllabi. For those with mandatory attendance, students are requiredto attend the first class meeting of each course. If a student doesnot attend and does not contact the instructorpriorto the first class with a satisfactory explanation, they forfeit their seat in the course and may be de-registered.

Beyond the first class meeting, regular attendance is expected of students in all classes (including lectures, laboratories, seminars, etc.) and some programs may have specific attendance requirements. Students who are unavoidably absent because of illness or disability are expected to contact their instructor as soon as possible.

The College reserves the right to limit attendance, and to limit the registration in or to cancel or revise any of the courses listed.

Compassionate Leave of Absence

If there is a death of an immediate family member and a student has to be absent from classes, the student shouldnotify ܼŲͼ by contacting the school offering the program or course.

Students who are unable to complete or succeed in their studies by virtue of serious and demonstrated exceptional circumstances, such as sudden/serious illness or accident, health or mental health issues, or death in the immediate family, may request amedical or compassionate withdrawal.

If a student does not attend classes and does not officially drop on or before theadd and drop deadlines, he or she will be required to pay all outstanding fees, will receive no further service until the fees are paid, and may receive an "F" grade.

Full-Time Enrolment

A student is considered to be full-time whenenrolled in at least 60% of a full course loadfor their program of studies. This measure is also used to support eligibility for financial aid.

Some external agencies may set different requirements and guidelines (e.g., Canada Customs and Revenue requires students to be enrolled in a minimum of 10 hours per week).

Registration Limitations

Timetable Conflicts

Students may not register in classes that overlap or create time conflicts. To avoid delays at registration, students should consult the current term Academic Scheduleand register in courses as soon as possible.

Maximum Credits

During registration, the maximum number of credits in which a student may register is 18.0 (six course equivalents), or 22.0 for students with a cumulative GPA of greater than 6.0, unless specified by program requirements. Most courses carry a credit load of 3.0 credits; some courses carry more and some carry fewer.

Students wishing to register in more than the maximum creditsallowed must obtain approval of the dean.

Duplication of Registration

A student may not maintain registration in more than one section of a course offering in a term or session.

Course Availability

Admission to the College and/or a program does not constitute a guarantee that a student will be able to register for any specific course in a given term.

Registration Restrictions (Holds)

The College may place holds on a student’s registration privileges owing to outstanding fees, academic or non-academic offences, etc. Students should contact the Registration Departmentif they have questions about their registration hold.

Registration Restrictions

Registration in some course sections may be restricted to students based on program, year of study, etc.

Registration Process


ܼŲͼ uses an online registration system called. myܼŲͼ provides services for students to check available course offerings and timetables, establish academic plans, self-register in classes, pay fees, view grades, update personal contact information, and provides information relevant to each registration period.

Students who are required to register in courses using myܼŲͼ will be provided access and instructions on using myܼŲͼ prior to their first registration period.

Students who are not required to use myܼŲͼ will be notified.

Registration Deposit (Non-refundable)

NoteFor information onInternational Student Applications, please see theܼŲͼ International website.

For each academic term, most new and continuing students are required to pay a$175non-refundable registration deposit:

  • at least one week prior to their registration date; OR
  • according to deadlines provided by the Registration Department to confirm acceptance into a credit program.

This registration deposit is not an additional fee. It will be applied to the total fees for that academic period.

NotePayment of a registration deposit does not guarantee entry to courses as this is dependent upon academic prerequisites and upon the availability of seats.

Registration Priority

It is necessary to assign different registration dates to students according to the following guidelines:

  • Registration dates, times, and groupings will be determined by the Registrar;
  • Priority for continuing students may be established by number of credits successfully completed and successful academic standing;
  • The college reserves the right to register new and returning students before continuing students who fail to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress;
  • For most career programs, full-time students have priority for registration over part-time students.

Course Requisites

Course prerequisites and corequisites must be met where applicable, and students are responsible to ensure they have met the prerequisites and corequisites for each course prior to registration.


Courses that must be takenbeforeregistration into the desired course.Course prerequisites require a minimum grade of “C”unless otherwise noted. If the prerequisites for a course have not been completed, students will be automatically withdrawn from that course.


Courses that must be takenat the same timeas the courses that require them. On myܼŲͼ, students must register for corequisite courses at the same time as the course that requires them.If a student decides to withdraw from a co-requisite, they must also withdraw from the related course.

Prerequisite Waivers

If you don't have a prerequisite for a course but you believe you have the equivalent level, you can contact the Department Chair to request a prerequisite waiver. If approved, the Chair, or designate, will provide permission directly through myܼŲͼ. Once permission is granted, you will be able to register using myܼŲͼ.

Course prerequisite waivers are course and term-specific. They do not provide entry to other courses with the same prerequisite or to the same course in a different term.

Auditing Courses

General Interest

Course Audit - General Interest registration is for those individuals who are interested in taking a credit course for general interest only, and who have no intention of completing course work or writing exams for the audited course. Students auditing a course for general interest only:

  • Will apply and register from the first day of class until theadd and drop deadlines, and only with instructor permission. Apply using theAudit Application form.
  • An instructor may sign anAudit Application formif space is available after waitlisted students have been served;
  • Will pay 50% of the course tuition plus ancillary fees;
  • Will not have to satisfy course prerequisites;
  • Will be expected to attend classes regularly. No assignments are expected, no examinations are written;
  • Cannot use audited courses as credits for student loan purposes;
  • Cannot be changed to credit (enrolled status);
  • Are not assigned a grade other than “AUD”;
  • Cannot use an “AUD” grade as a prerequisite for other courses; and,
  • An “AUD” grade is not calculated in GPA.

Students Currently Enrolled in Credit Courses

An audit student is one who participates in a credit course while concurrently enrolled in other credit classes. Current students auditing courses must be aware of the following:

  • Enrolled students can change their enrolment to audit with instructor permission on or after the first day of the course, up until the add/drop deadline. An authorized Permission to Audit form must be completed.
  • If not enrolled, an instructor may sign aPermission to Audit formon or after the first day of the course, up until the add/drop deadlineif space is available after waitlisted students have been served;

Audit student:

  • will pay 50% of the tuition for the audit course until add/drop deadline;
  • will be expected to attend classes regularly. No assignments are expected, no examinations are written;
  • cannot use audited courses as credits for student loan purposes;
  • are assigned a grade “AUD”, whichis not calculated in GPA; and
  • cannot use an “AUD” grade as a prerequisite for other courses.

Course Waitlists

In the event that a preferred course is full, students should:

  • select an alternate section (time/day);
  • select an alternate course; or,
  • waitlist for the preferred course and section.

Course Waitlist Procedure

Students may add themselves to one waitlist per course if that course is full. Students will be notified by email if a seat becomes available and will have until 11:59pm the next day to register for the course. Those who choose not to register will be removed from the waitlist.

During the first week of classes, waitlisted students should contact the instructor to express interest, attend class if possible/permitted, and participate as directed by the instructor. Students may be removed from a waitlist at the discretion of the instructor if the waitlisted student has not made contact or attended classes from the first day. Available seats will continue to be offered by email every 24 hours until theadd and drop deadlines.

Changes in Registration

See Important dates for a listing of all academic and financial dates and deadlines.

Adding Courses

Regular online course registration continues up until 11:59pm of theadd and drop deadline.

A student may add a course after theadd and drop deadline; however, a 'Request to Add/Drop a Course After Deadlines' form must be authorized by both the instructor and the Dean (or Dean’s designate).

Self-paced Academic Upgrading courses may accept students throughout the term after the start of classes, with permission of the school using theSelf-Paced Course Registration Authorizationform.

Dropping Courses

Students can drop courses with 100% refund or 80% refund, less the non-refundable registration deposit, based on the financial dates and deadlines.

Students who fail to drop prior to the deadline will be required to pay outstanding fees; or, if paid, will not receive a refund.

Financial Aid recipients

Students receiving student loans are advised to consult with a Financial Aid Advisor prior to withdrawing. Student loans may be affected by withdrawals when students fail to maintain enrolment in at least 60% of a full course load.

Course Withdrawals

ܼŲͼ recognizes that students may need to withdraw from courses. The Withdrawal Period begins the day after the Add/Drop Deadline and continues until the post deadline date.Students wishing to officially withdraw from a course before thisdeadlinemay do so through myܼŲͼ.

A “W” (withdrawal) status will be entered on the student’s record to indicate an official withdrawal has taken place. Withdrawing from credit courses does not affect grade point averages (GPA) provided students officially withdraw before the deadline.

Withdrawals will not be permitted after the withdrawaldeadline date. Students who do not officially withdraw prior to the published deadlines, and who fail to successfully complete required course work, will be assigned the final grade earned.


  • Students are recommended to assess the impact of adding/dropping courses, as it may affect completion of ܼŲͼ programs or transfer to another institution. Students may wish to consult with Academic Advisors or program Chairs.Adding/dropping courses during the academic year may also jeopardize student eligibility to continue to receive financial aid during that year. It is imperative that students receiving assistance consult the Financial Aid and Awards office before any drop of courses, or change of program.
  • Simply informing an instructor of an intent to withdraw is insufficient; students must officially withdraw using myܼŲͼ or with assistance from the Registration Department.

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

Students who have serious medical or compassionate circumstances may apply for withdrawal and possible tuition refund. More information

See alsoRefund PolicyunderFees and Financial Policies and Procedures.

Program Change Requests: Current Domestic Students

A current ܼŲͼ domestic student may apply into another ܼŲͼ open enrolment program without paying an additional application fee, provided they meet the program admission requirements. Students interested in changing to a limited enrolment program must apply online through. Review theProgram Availability pageto learn more about program types and availability.

Domestic students may use this form to request a program change. Requests will be reviewed in date order and may take up to 5 business days to be evaluated. Communications will be sent by email in response to the program change request.